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Artefol : your art shop in Venice

Our story begins in 2016 with a double mission: to bring a little of Venice to the world and to bring a little of the world to Venice.

In our atelier you will find original creations of Venetian craftsmanship, cameos, coral jewelry as well as African sculptures, Japanese prints and Dutch ceramics.

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Su di Noi

About us

Federico Moro. After graduating in History at the Ca 'Foscari University of Venice became a member of the Italian Society of Military History, of the Italian Association of Classical Culture and of the Ateneo Veneto.

Through the collaboration with numerous publishing houses, over the years he has published essays, novels, plays, poems and short stories.

Since 1989 he has also been involved in jewelery and artistic crafts from all over the world.


Francesca Saccardo. Driven by love for art history has worked for thirty years as a restorer, art historian and curator of the Ceramics Section at the prestigious Galleria Giorgio Franchetti in Ca 'd'Oro. During those years he always tried to convey his passion through educational workshops both at the Ca 'd'Oro and at the “Bochaleri” association formed by Venetian ceramists, of which he is a founding member.

For Artefol he creates circular tiles decorated with symbolic motifs inspired by "patere", medieval stone medallions carved with bas-reliefs, present on many facades of Venetian buildings, using the ancient technique of grafito.




Be original. Buy original.
The value of original art appears when a painting, sculpture, jewel, ceramic or other piece of art speaks to you, when you are attracted by an invisible force, calling to have a place next to you. Beauty enters your life and transforms it. Artefol's research is aimed at offering this type of beauty to our customers, exploring the world and offering it to their attention. Just one last step: stay creative!


If you are interested in our products, discover our online showcase!



Our venetian patere are ceramic medallions inspired by the original medieval ones in marble or
terracotta, window frames on the facades of ancient Venetian palaces. They show symbolic animals, creatures
fantastic (dragons, mermaids, centaurs, griffins) that protect the house from Evil. They often depict the
fight between Good and Evil or have a auspicious purpose because they represent pairs of animals in
attitude of love, alliance, concord or bearing Christian symbols.


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